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Reiki is an ancient and natural hands on and artful approach of energy healing.  It is a universal life force of LOVE. Guidance from the highest intelligence. Always used for the greater good. Not a religion. Conduit for change in one's life. Energy flow of life.

Call to schedule a Reiki Healing session with one of our Reiki Masters.  They would love to work with your pet!!  This can be done on the same day as a grooming, but is more beneficial when scheduled on a different day.  

Reiki can.....

Help release energy blocks in animals

Relieve stress, fatigue, and tension

Decrease, eliminate or stop pain

Accelerate physical healing and support the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Rid the body of toxins

Increase hemoglobin levels

Adjust itself to recipients needs flowing to the areas it is needed most.

Nichole in our Reiki Room
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